Parkside House, 17 East Parade, HARROGATE HG1 5LF

The Dympna Centre is a Counselling Service for Clergy and Religious in which:-

  • We know the radical nature of reverence for each person
  • We relate person to person in complete confidentiality


We work with you person to person and offer Good Listening, Spiritual Analysis, Reflective Living, Respect for You.

Spiritual Direction


Work Supervision


We will work with groups seeking awareness, purpose or identity;
for anyone struggling in life – or questioning;
with a person ready for change, looking for greater freedom, or more responsibility;

someone aware of Life in God
-and wanting more…..

Meetings for Reflection

Workshops Consultancy


At the Dympna Centre – our aim – is to “let the Creator deal directly with the creature and the creature to deal directly with the Creator and Lord” – as YOU choose Life.

Spiritual Exercises


Discernment- Apostolic Spirituality