St. Dympna – is the Patron Saint of those who suffer from emotional distress, mental illness, or who seek help in recovering peace of soul and health of mind. Her name appears in the Roman Martyrology, together with St. Gerebern, her confessor, on May 15th.

She was martyred at Gheel in the Low Countries.Very soon the site of her martyrdom became a place of pilgrimage for people seeking cures or relief from nervous disorders and emotional distress. In the 13th Century pilgrims who visited Gheel were housed by the villagers and this practice continued.In the 18th Century care of the mentally ill involved the local residents who gave board and lodge to the sick and integrated them into the community.

Perhaps today, as much as ever, St. Dympna is a suitable patron for those who struggle inwardly, experience distress or the emotional pain often entailed in living and being a person. At the Dympna Centre we continue to work with the priests and people of the churches who seek peace of soul, freedom from distress and inner wellness.


Those who offer their services to the Dympna Centre are independent practitioners in private practice.

Whatever our field of interest or expertise, we share some common ground:-

  • a desire to be of service to priests and religious.
  • appreciation of the religious world and the spiritual life.
  • a willingness to let psychology and spirituality inform each other
  • an interest in the whole person

Dympna Associates

Evleen Mann:

Martina Hayden, OP:

Kathleen McGhee:

Jane Palmer:

Richard Sloan:

Pete Smallwood:

Terry McGrath:

We believe our work and quality of presence to others depends on maintaining suitable standards of understanding, knowledge and relationship.

Each one takes responsibility for ongoing development, as well as for membership of appropriate professional associations.

All fees are negotiable.

The Dympna Centre

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